Art by MAL - Elements     "Art by MAL - Elements"   45 works of art depicting the elements air, water, earth, fire & beyond using series Falling Fruit thru Clouds, Beaches, Eco-Animal Aware, La Femmes & Exploration abstracts. Contemporary and colorful fine art.

  WATER - Beaches Sunny

                                                                                                       AIR -  Falling Cherries thru Clouds

                                                     FIRE - R5 M18

 EARTH - Soon Only in Zoos

 BEYOND - Exploration 26 


Art by  MAL - Ladies  "Art by MAL - Ladies"   40 sensual realism images from fine art oil paintings & pastels by American artist Mary Ann Leitch.  These works are her emerging series circa 1975-85 and are a sign of the times in that bold era for women.  HOT, HOT, HOT.


 Mystery on Peter's Porsche


Art by MAL - Photoprints

 A selection of photographs available as fine art prints capturing the Devon Horse Show, Florals & Gardens, City & Parks, Pets, Collector Automobiles, Statues, Sailboats, viewing Philadelphia, Devon, Annapolis, Blackwood, Atlantic City adding to the continuity of nature and man in real and pleasant settings - 48 pages.


 Olde City July4 USA

   Gold Star Park












 Society Hill - Philadelphia Pa

 Devon Horse Show Group



           Flower Trio #3









          Race St Pier

    Mary's Garden 

 Eddie & Sequoia


Art by MAL - Available Art   "Art by MAL - Available Art"  158 images of contemporary colorful paintings, works on paper, collage, assemblages - originals & archival prints on canvas, metal or paper available 2013.  Travel the journey, be in touch to increase your collection.

                LUVS 7


 Beaches Trio

                                           Save the Polar Bear 

                  Exploration 27                                                   Love & War - Dempsey




Art by MAL - retrospectively  12 minute DVD   In celebration of her 3 decade journey as a contemporary artist, this short video was released.  A  12 minute documentary DVD using 64 works of art dating 1975-2005 with first person narration and music accompaniment. SEE THE IMAGES, HEAR THE WORDS OF A LIVING ARTIST.

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